Why horses?



"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." – Sir Winston S. Churchill





Horses are wise mentors. As prey animals, their “flight” instincts become instant mirrors and non-judgmental feedback mechanisms for humans. Horses sense and respond to a person’s intentions, emotions and thoughts conveyed subconsciously through body language.


The horse recognises the slightest tension in our bodies. They expertly read every non-verbal message we communicate to them regardless of whether or not we are aware of what we are communicating.

Their responses give us the best and truest feedback we could ever hope for and this provides us with excellent opportunities for learning about our communication skills, our emotions, our actions, our behaviours and our leadership style.


By observing how the horse responds to their requests and directions each seminar participant learns how to communicate more effectively, face their fears, manage their emotions and become more consistent in their actions. Successful interaction with horses requires being present in the moment, communicating clearly and consistently.


Interacting with horses provides the opportunity to gain fresh, honest awareness of the truth about ourselves. Horses have no agenda. They don’t care what power we command or what position, title, degree, or salary we may have. Horses know us as we really are.


You will be amazed at the tremendous confidence boost that comes from learning how to connect with and lead a one-thousand-pound animal as you walk alongside it.