The art of leadership

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"The Art of Leadership” seminar has been a reference in the European Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE) since 2010.


Working with horses allows us to experience leadership principles in a new way, providing opportunities to learn how to improve our communication by communicating with integrity and authenticity, remain confident when faced with uncertainty and in this way motivate and encourage those we are attempting to lead.


To be successful as leaders we need more than just technical competence. We need emotional and social intelligence. We need to grow as people because we know that who we are is the main determinant of what we can and cannot do.


What will you learn?

During this workshop you will experience the essence of leadership and leadership models in a powerful and practical way.

Leadership is all about attitude and authenticity. This workshop with horses will help you to recognise and enable your leadership skills. This will be your first step towards a commitment to continuous self-improvement.


The art of leadership is a learning experience that takes place during the course of several practical exercises. Each exercise and its related metaphors are followed by a short theory-discussion session. The results are related back to our everyday lives and our professional environment. 


You will receive feedback from:

  • the videos,
  • the other workshop participants,
  • and the horses.


Some of the workshop highlights are the following themes:

  • Leadership and management styles
  • The comfort zone
  • Public, business and personal distances
  • Communication and personality
  • "360-degree feedback" or meta-feedback


Who should attend?

This one day workshop with horses is suitable for anyone who wishes to develop their leadership skills and have more influence in their daily life and work environment. Afterwards, you can expect to find it easier to step out of your comfort zone with increased courage and self-confidence that will enable you to create a more powerful and compelling impact on everything and everyone you are involved with.


How long does the workshop last?

1 day



How much does it cost?

The price is based on the group size and workshop location. Please contact us for a quotation.



How do I book a workshop?

Just click here.