More women as Leaders

As a woman you probably wear a number of different hats and play a number of different roles as you work hard to balance the demands of your family, career and involvement with your community. To meet all these obligations you need to be able to manage stress and deal with emotions, make good decisions and look after the needs of others. This is all in the realm of practical leadership – because it involves managing other people and situations, effecting change and still managing to bring calm out of chaos at the end of the day!


What will you learn?

The Equi-Woman-Lead seminar gives you the opportunity to recognise your own unconscious leadership style, to work with your natural energy, to be aware of your purpose and your creative potential - your true self - to be the best you can be. Horses teach us to be more authentic and aware, trustworthy and resourceful, to care about what we do and to focus and direct our energy in a forward-looking manner with a lot of fun and with resounding success.


Equi-Women-Lead is a learning experience that takes place during the course of several practical exercises. Each exercise and its related metaphors are followed by a short theory-discussion session. The results are related back to our everyday lives and our professional environment. 


You will receive feedback from:

  • the videos,
  • the other workshop participants,
  • and the horses.


Some of the workshop highlights are in the following themes:

  • The subtleties of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Being in the moment
  • Identifying & respecting boundaries
  • Intention vs. behaviour
  • Influence vs. control
  • Freedom, responsibility and integrity
  • Confronting fear & developing confidence


Who should attend?

This one day workshop with horses is suitable for any woman who wishes to develop her leadership skills and have more influence in her private and professional life. You can expect to step out of your comfort zone more easily with increased courage and self-confidence and create a more powerful and compelling impact on everything and everyone you interact with.


How long does the workshop last?

1 day



How much does it cost?

The price is based on the group size and workshop location. Please contact us for a quotation.



How do I book a workshop?

Just click here.