Equi-Team Seminars

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Equi-Team is a horse-assisted team development workshop based on methods that have been shown to give valuable results in the shortest possible time. The horse is both a medium and a catalyst …


It's all about team spirit and leadership, creativity, responsibility, tact, intuition, goal orientation, body language and mental presence.


The thing is that it's neither about horses, nor about people, it's about the team.


What will you learn?

The group will learn how to build team performance in order to attain high levels of achievement together.


In their entirely natural way of being themselves horses teach you how to:

  • understand what skills each team member has to offer and the role they play in the team;
  • work together with others in challenging situations that may well be outside of established comfort zones;
  • learn about yourself, your role in the team and how to engage with other team members more effectively;
  • leave with a clear understanding of how the team can operate at its best.


Each exercise and the related metaphors are followed by a short theory-discussion session. The theory is kept to a minimum, but all the results are related back to our daily lives and our professional careers. Time is set aside for personal reflection and discussion.


Some of the workshop highlights are contained in the following themes:

  • Building relationships based on trust, respect and understanding
  • Communication and the subtleties of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Achieving goals and overcoming obstacles
  • Designing roles and responsibilities
  • Using synergies and co-operation
  • The comfort zone
  • Confronting fear and developing self-confidence

and much more …


The exercises encourage participants to take responsibility, move out of their comfort zone, be 100% present, show respect and learn to trust.


Who should attend?

Equi-Team is suitable for teams who wish to develop their power and strengths to reach higher performance levels in an easy and natural way.


How long does the workshop last?

Equi-team can be booked as a single "initial spark" but also as a long-term development measure. The horses act as a medium and a catalyst. Individual issues and challenges can be discussed prior to the workshop.


How long does the workshop last?

1 day


How much does it cost?

The price is based on the group size and workshop location. Please contact us for a quotation.


How do I book a workshop?

Just click here.