One-to-One with the horse

Equi-Coach will help you to discover your true potential, unlock your natural resources and achieve what you want to achieve.


Equi-Coach is for those seeking greater self-awareness, natural self-confidence, intuitive communication and leadership skills. It can also help to create a deep personal and/or spiritual fulfilment.


What will you learn?

During Equi-coaching sessions you will learn to:

  • connect with your authentic self and create the life you truly want;
  • increase your self-awareness, improve your communication skills and set healthy boundaries;
  • unlock your creative Self;
  • build up your self-confidence;
  • set and achieve clear goals;
  • expand your comfort-zone;
  • overcome obstacles;
  • build good relationships

and much more ...


Equi-Coach sessions identify the skills and capabilities that are within you, enabling you to use them to the best of your ability. Sessions are future-oriented with the aim of helping you to determine and achieve both your personal and business goals.

An Equi-Coach session will both challenge and support you by providing valuable feedback from horses, video and the coach. Sessions are interactive, high-impact and thoroughly enjoyable! The results are easily related back to your personal and professional life.


Who should attend?

Equi-Coach helps teenagers, families, couples, managers, team members or business partners to build stronger communications and improve their relationships. Activities with horses help participants raise their awareness by seeing their communication differences and how better to relate to each other.


How long does the workshop last?

The duration is based on the project.


How much does it cost?

The price is based on the workshop location. Please contact us for a quotation.


How do I book a workshop?

Just click here.